DBC Digital Business Card

A design concept digital business card.

Digital Business Cards / DBC product was envisioned as a part of 'Vision on the move' project. The primary goal was to develop a future vision / Quo Vadis which has focus on portable interactive personal products. DBC holds all the relevant information and transfers it with a wireless communication.

DBC are a dramatic improvements on the existing 'paper system' used today. The miniaturization of information that has resulted by the introduction of the microchip technology, in such that a personal and company profile could easily be stored onto such a microchip. The format of DBC is same as a traditional business card however it is bit thicker to accommodate the ultra thin display onto which exchanged information can be viewed.

Instead of exchanging cards, the digital business cards can be simply held together as the information flows from one into the other. A very simple senatorial single button control is integrated into the card so that one can access the correct information intuitively.