BTS Professional Video Camera

A design concept of professional news gathering video camera for BTS, Breda, The Netherlands.

Philips had been in the Broadcast market for many years. BTS - Broadcasting Television Systems was a joint venture between Robert Bosch GmbH, Fernseh AG and Philips, The Netherlands. The BTS - Breda division of Philips, The Netherlands wanted to develop the professional video camera further looking into the future. BTS Professional video camera concept prior to GPS / satellite communication became accessible.

A professional video camera is a high-end product for creating moving pictures / images mainly for electronic television news gathering purpose. The professional video camera concept was designed and developed for BTS Breda, The Netherlands. It is a portable professional camera designed to be carried on the shoulder with larger rechargeable battery mounted at the rear end of the camera. The camera is provided with two aerials for the direct wireless transmission of the TV news. It has a on-site editing features, direct wireless communication and news broadcasting features built into the camera. These technologies were not common features in BTS video camera at that point of time, however became industry standard later.

First working prototype of the BTS Professional video camera developed at BTS Breda.