3D PC for Students

A vision of the future project - a personal computer with 3D vision for students.

'Vision on the future' project was to envision future of digital products. The primary goal was to develop a future vision / Quo Vadis which has focus on portable multimedia and interactive personal computer and related products. Well before LCD - Liquid crystal display / flat panel three dimensional display technology  became a standard in computer and other industries, this project illustrates its application conceived and built in a prototype in 1995.

The technologies envisioned in this project were in a very early stage of development and we created a concept PC with 16:9 format LCD display with three dimensional imaging web camera with surround sound speakers.

In retrospect, the world wide web with search engines became popular by end of 90's and since 2009 LCD 16:9 format display became industry standard. This prototype illustrates how technologies envisioned well before they became industry standards and  later almost all of these technologies became reality.