Kalpa is a vase that can be also used as a fruit bowl by turning it upside down. An early homage to Pakhalé’s adopted country The Netherlands, the Kalpa makes a passing reference to the Tulip Vase Delftware.  Several identical white clay pots, perhaps a memory from the heartland of India, are made in slip casting and glazed white outside and colour inside.
Each pot is fired separately and later assembled together with special adhesive used in aerospace industry.
Kalpa means poetic imagination. It is indeed a sublimation of cultures in a refreshing way.

Kalpa is in several public collections, among others in Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam and F.N.A.C. / Fonds National d’Art Contemporain, Paris / France.

White ceramic | blue glaze | 60 x 60 x 16 cm I Made in The Netherlands