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Project Description

add-On Radiator

Integral radiator

The add-On Radiator is a unique modular heating system based on a composable element, which can be integrated in any architectural setting – placed on a wall, recessed or used as a space divider connected to floor and ceiling. It effectively regulates the room temperature and heats the space by allowing air to pass through its surface, therefore using less power. This also makes add-On Radiator much more efficient at heating the surrounding environment.

The design of add-On Radiator is a synthesis of new applications of material and technologies. Thanks to the technological innovations with regards to the hydraulic system and the special joint between the modules developed by the designer along with the technical team of TUBES, it gives the possibility to create a range of products composed with one basic modular element. It is not only a typological innovation but also fulfills more utilitarian needs than conventional radiators.

“In architecture radiators are presented as technical looking components and as such, are usually neglected from an aesthetic point of view, even though they are amongst the most utilitarian products in the architectural system. So, the first idea that came to our mind was to create a radiator with a very wide surface in order to spread more heat. Furthermore, we wanted to create a radiator that would have the personality of an object and that would fit into the furnishings as an eloquent but discreet presence. We created a system based on a module developed in two directions thanks to four sided form that allows further modules to be added on thus creating an infinite Add- On Radiator.” Satyendra Pakhalé

add-On radiator is a furniture that can be used in architectural setting, giving tremendous possibilities for various architectural layout and settings. It can be installed between the ceiling and the floor. The add-On radiator is not only a typological innovation but also fulfills more utilitarian needs than conventional radiators. add-On radiator is an innovative radiator, with a technically resolved product with long intensive design and development process. add-On Radiator fulfills the international safety regulations and therefore becomes one of the most innovative product designs. add-On radiator is the radiator which could be integrated in an architectural setting- just like a window or space divider. It takes lot less power to heat the space as it allows air to pass through it hence faster to regulate the temperature.

“I wanted to create a radiator which also has a personality of an object and presence in interior architecture with its own modest dignity.” Satyendra Pakhalé





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