Kop Connect Rotterdam

House of Design

The Kop van Zuid is a new neighbourhood in Rotterdam, located on the south bank of the Nieuwe Maas opposite the centre of the city. The transformation of this disused port area into an urban neighbourhood and its high-speed connections to European capitals will make Kop van Zuid an important destination. Some of the world’s prominent architects, including Renzo Piano, Alvaro Siza, Francine Houben, Norman Foster and Rem Koolhaas, have created unique architecture on this waterfront. Didier Unglik of L’Etoile Properties invited Satyendra Pakhalé and Jouin Manku, Paris, to study the Rijnhaven area of Kop van Zuid to contribute to the overall concept of the project. Together with L’Etoile Properties and Jouin Manku, Pakhalé created a mixed-use programme for the House of Design, consisting of curated international design stores, waterfront public spaces, restaurants and cafés, terraced apartments, offices and facilities and a community learning centre for children with design at its core. Pakhalé further developed an architectural design concept, The Pearl of Kop van Zuid, with its programme under and above water level, will lend it a distinct identity.

Urban study and architectural programme – showing how thanks to the high-speed trains passing through Rotterdam Central, Kop van Zuid will be directly connected to Brussels, Lille, Paris and London.