Microgravity object

‘moonwākā’ is a vehicle that assists eye-hand coordination in micro-gravity and evokes a sense of security in first time moon travelers.
It is a playful monolithic-sculptural object with refreshing utilitarian features like the viewfinder, to intuitively feel the changing angle of vision and distances on the moon terrain. The ‘moonwaka’ has a vertical stick-like form, with a mass-volume distribution that allows it to always stay upright in micro-gravity environments. At the top part of the ‘moonwaka’ anti-slip grip handle is provided in order to enhance the grip force control (GFC) while maneuvering, walking and hiking on the moon. The intention is to manufacture ‘moonwākā’ on the moon, using the material resources available on the earth’s only known natural satellite.

Space travel makes people dream and soon it is likely to become a reality. The ‘moonwākā’ project designed by Satyendra Pakhalé evokes questions that are relevant today and for the near future.

“I wanted to create a playful yet utilitarian tool, that will help orientation in a micro-gravity environment like on the moon. An object which will give first time space travelers a sense of security and direction and make their endeavor exciting.” Satyendra Pakhalé