Center Piece

The Akasma Centrepiece set consists of two baskets – low and high – and a centerpiece tray.

Akasma is a revisit to an age-old typology of objects but conceived in an innovative process of object making, creating an object with a distinct image. In this project architectural glass is reused from the highly technological production of an industrial glass manufacturer making it a sustainable product in addition to the fact that glass is a completely recyclable material.

Bent glass is one of the most difficult materials to control while obtaining desired form. It was a great manufacturing challenge to resolve the technical issues, demanding tremendous technical thinking in terms of realizing the object with such a precision, like an industrial yet high skilled craft process. Lot of work has gone into precisely calculating the profile of the glass which is first cut with water jet technology, then heated and bent into the desired form obtaining the precise clean part-line between the two parts. Eventually the two identical parts are assembled into the final object using aerospace adhesive invisible to a naked eye.