Centenary armchair for the connected world

Satyendra Pakhalé was invited to design a centenary armchair to on the occasion of 100th anniversary of the Italian legendry Poltrona Frau Design manufacturing company. The design concept of Assaya is inspired by the way of life in the connected world. Assaya is articulately crafted with the knowledge of the age-old tradition of saddle making coupled with fresh interpretation of Poltrona Frau industrial leather craftsmanship. The objective is to create a long lasting design that will be cherished and celebrated for the next century and beyond by connecting with the next generation ensuring the lasting legacy of Poltrona Frau.

Assaya Centenary Armchair has wide generous proportions and a soft inviting comfortable feel. The leaning backrest evokes the domestic use. Assaya Centenary Armchair has a sensual form and contours that give an intuitive feeling of comfort at the same time, provide an ergonomically comfortable posture with its simple tilt mechanism. The object gains its personality from its continuity of form from all perspectives creating a unique presence in an interior setting.

The pouf, side table and lap tray are an integral part of the project and are suitable for creating formal or informal settings to facilitate both working and leisure activities. The side table and lap tray are practical and versatile accessories that can accommodate laptops, tablets or books.

“This project started with the centenary celebration of Poltrona Frau. I recall my first trip to this wonderful Italian factory in Marche region where industrial and handmade blend in a seamless manner creating uniquely crafted serially produced objects. I was curious, keen to grasp, assess and evaluate in my own manner the legendary heritage of Poltrona Frau. The centenary armchair I designed being a new step forward is therefore called ‘Assaya’. The name refers to the act of analysing, assessing and evaluating. Besides it also means in my mother tongue ‘Marathi’ to give a comforting support, to create a comforting feeling. This is what Assaya is created for.” Satyendra Pakhalé

Produced by Poltrona Frau