B.M. Horse Chaise

137 x 59 x 82 cm

This piece in bell metal is a totemic object that evolved from the first generation of B.M. Objects. Pakhalé wanted to create a larger, seamless piece using the lost-wax casting process. This piece is the largest one in the entire B.M. Horse Family so far. It is made with the same bell metal lost-wax casting process used for the B.M. Horse. The chaise longue is produced in limited editions with sandblasted and patinated surface finishing. 

Scale 1:3 models of the B.M. Horse Family consisting of B.M. Horse, B.M. Horse Chaise Longue, B.M. Horse Stool, B.M. Horse Lo Table and B.M. Horse Hi Table all made in limited editions. The Satyendra Pakhalé Archives contains several 1:3 scale models of works in real materials.  

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