B.M. Objects

First Generation Bell Metal Objects

The first generation of B.M. Objects was made using the lost-wax technique of the Muria community. The forms share a central departure point and are symmetrical in shape. The mould is made of clay and destroyed after casting, which means a new beeswax model is needed for each cast object. After carefully observing the craft, Pakhalé started thinking about how to create contemporary objects by refining the entire process, but without losing its handmade charm. This proved difficult, but the designer trained the craft practitioners to learn his slightly improved process, before focusing on creating everyday table-top objects including a hanger, spoon, bowl, and fruit bowl. The objects are a singularly consistent work cast using the first generation Bell Metal process.

B.M. Bowl with integrated side opening detail is made with such refined craftsmanship that the wax texture is retained on the inside as well as the outside of the object. This is a unique achievement, as to avoid airlocks and defects in the lost-wax casting process generally one surface is smoothed out. Such an object could be made only by highly skilled artisans with acute sensibilities and a thorough understanding of the lost-wax casting process.