Designer vs. Chanel No.5

Altar for Chanel No.5 bottle

4 x 15 x 18 cm

Al-Sabah Art&Design, Kuwait invited Satyendra Pakahlé, to create a personal unique product concept for the ‘I Love Souk’ Gallery Store using the classic Chanel No: 5 perfume bottle.
Pakahlé says, “I really wanted to celebrate the Chanel No:5 as it has great historic significance; by creating  ‘altar’ for the bottle that hopefully will last long.
We used bronze- earthy heavy material that will make the user aware of her/his existence by daily ritual of using the perfume with this special ‘altar’ like stand-objects for this iconic perfume bottle: Chanel No: 5. It is made using state of the art, ‘CAM’ – computer aided manufacturing process.”