Fairchild Garden

Outdoor exhibition

55 x 87 x 72 cm

Satyendra Pakhalé, represented by the internationally renowned ammann // gallery / Germany has been invited by curator Cristina Grajales, New York for the Design at Fairchild exhibition at the Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden in Coral Gables, Florida. Partnering with Cappellini / Italy the designer will create an installation in the colorful settings of the gardens. The exhibition will be on show from December 6th 2014 until May 31st 2015. The designer’s iconic Fish Chair in limited edition in intense viola specially produced by Cappellini on this occasion will be the protagonist of the outdoor installation. The Fish Chair as a sitting object and sensorial sculpture invites the visitors to take a rest and enjoy the opulent tropical surroundings of the Fairchild Garden.

Pakhalé says, “While visiting Fairchild Garden for the first time I was fascinated to see the tropical setting – especially those vividly colorful butterflies which made me feel like home. With the Fish Chair Limited Edition in ‘viola’ I intend to place an equally intense color into the liveliness and opulence of this natural ambience.”

Pakhalé’s design pieces are characterized by a sensorial design language with a cultural content synthesizing new applications of materials and technologies which invite people to experience them in multiple ways rekindling an explorative attitude. His creations tickle the imagination of the audience and create an optimistic ambience through their cheerful nature. In doing so the exhibition transforms the Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden into a wondering jungle full of curious sensorial sculptures. Design at Fairchild – Satyendra Pakhalé will open concurrently with Art Basel Miami Beach and Design Miami celebrating its 10th Anniversary. The exhibition will be on show from December 6th 2014 until May 31st 2015. The exhibition is kindly supported by Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden, Cappellini, ammann // gallery and the Dutch Culture USA.

Produced by cappellini