Flower Offering Chair

Ceremonial chair

69 x 65 x 85 cm

The Flower Offering Chair made in ceramics is a ceremonial object. It is a refreshing take on a chair, where one can perceive the designer’s technical competence, sensibility for tactile materials such as ceramics and a poetic design vision executed in the state of the art technology with utmost elegance.

 “In this project, the object is really not about sitting itself as a utilitarian need but the whole notion about sitting and welcoming people, by symbolically offering flowers – that is how Flower Offering Chair was born.” – Satyendra Pakhalé

However, Flower Offering Chair is structurally strong to be able to sit on it like furniture – thanks to the special ‘sensual torsion joint’, developed by the designer between the seat base and the backrest pols. Two removable vases are designed to be placed in the top of the backrest for ease of use.

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