Pitcher Vase

The idea for FRIDA Pitcher-Vase was one of those creative sparks, when Pakhalé was flying from Rome to Amsterdam; he doodled in his sketchbook during the flight that eventually became the FRIDA Pitcher-Vase. It is not a representation of Frida Kahlo but a ‘poetic analogy’ as homage to the great artist.

FRIDA can be used as a vase or a pitcher. It is glazed with off-white glaze outside and – recalling Mexico – bright red, yellow, green and blue colours inside.

For ease-of-use a ‘picura’ thumb grip detail is provided at the bottom of the object. FRIDA is a collection of three pitcher-vases – FRIDA-tall, FRIDA-medium, FRIDA-small produced by Cor Unum, The Netherlands.

After KALPA Vase & Bowl design by Satyendra Pakhalé for Cor Unum seventeen years ago, the FRIDA Pitcher-Vase is yet another sensorial object Pakhalé designed for Cor Unum continuing his fascination for the age old typology of object – VASE.

Produced by Cor Unum