Future is Now

Urban compact Kitchen concept

Centenary installation by Satyendra Pakhalé for Franke during Milano Design Week 2012.

In any urban settings around the world creating a quality space is a superb challenge, especially in interior spaces like kitchen. Satyendra Pakhalé has developed the concept of a kitchen able to find a balance between the timeless idea of a kitchen as the pulsating hearth of domestic life and the new scenarios of living, where the interiors are more and more compact. The kitchen design has been developed in partnership with Franke, as a response to the centenary anniversary celebration of Franke Kitchen Systems Switzerland. Satyendra Pakhalé Associates were invited to create a vision of the future kitchen concept design. Taking urban conditions around the world SPA created a concept kitchen in just 2.5 cubic metres to illustrate the lack of space in urban context. It addresses users needs’ creating space for the multitude of kitchen requirements such as oven, hob, refrigerator, storage space and sink.

The kitchen design has a continuous wrapping form that creates an intimate kitchen containing the oven Forno CRYSTAL white at one side and sink Pebble on the other side. It gives an insight into a future kitchen with compact quality space.

It was first presented in Milano Design Week 2012 during the centenary celebration of Franke Kitchen Systems Switzerland.