A utilitarian bag for avoiding contamination through hands – during and post COVID–19

On invitation of Create Cures, China, Satyendra Pakhalé created HAAT Bag with the aim to show ‘how design can contribute to a common good by proposing utilitarian yet meaningful ideas for everyday lives around the world during and after this pandemic period.’ Create Cures is a public welfare activity initiated by a group of designers, aiming to promote the development of public health in a designer’s way. Create Cures – CC is also a common measurement unit in medical treatment, which is also the hope that everyone involved can do their part, give some light, and become the beginning of a better future. CC designers believe that useful ideas could become gifts that designers can contribute to society during these historic times.

During current pandemic one of the sources of infection is touching hard surfaces such as door handles.

used by many. Disposable gloves utilized by masses around the world aren’t an ecological solution. Even for the minimal outdoor activities, avoiding contaminated surfaces is a challenge that needs to be solved elegantly.

To have a simple yet non-intrusive object for everyday use to avoid direct surface contact is a new need of our times. Satyendra Pakhalé created a simple and practical solution — an all-purpose bag with integrated hand gloves. We call it ‘HAAT Bag’ for people to use in their daily lives during and after the pandemic. The basic concept of the HAAT Bag is that it goes with you wherever you go, either for shopping, to buy your regular grocery or just about anything. The bag is made of antimicrobial textile and has a distinct lapel sort of feature on both the outsides. It’s an easy accessible glove that can be quickly used in any situation in public spaces while opening doors, holding a rail or just about any situation where one has to hold with the palm of the hand. Simply insert your palm and open the door to avoid direct contamination. After use, wash the bag and use it again.

“While creating HAAT bag I was curious to think ‘how design can contribute to a common good by creating
utilitarian yet meaningful object for everyday use’. HAAT Bag is born with that curiosity, it is an all-purpose
bag with integrated hand gloves for hygine in urban context. The name refers to the act of holding, supporting
‘haat’, it means ‘hand’ in my mother tongue ‘Marathi’ to give a comforting feeling.” – Satyendra Pakhalé

Produced by hitaa-world