Vase Bowl

On invitation of Gijs Bakker, art director of Cor Unum then and responding to the theme ‘Clay and beyond’, Satyendra Pakhalé has worked out a concept of vase and bowl in one object called Kalpa. It can be used as a vase and after turning upside down or it could be used as a fruit bowl. It is made in Slip Casting several identical white clay pots – glazed white outside & colour inside and fired separately. Later assembled together with special adhesive used in aerospace industry. This object also makes a passing reference to the Tulip vase-Delftware ”blue & white, almost like a teaser, but with a very fresh perspective.

Kalpa means poetic imagination.

“Cor Unum is a small Dutch ceramic art factory. They use white clay for making of table top ceramic objects. One of the important aspects of Cor Unum is that it is a small scale contemporary design craft factory. Most of operations are done manually. Understanding the beauty of hand work at Cor Unum, I proposed a project which need to be hand assembled after separately firing and glazing the identical small pots.” Satyendra Pakhalé

Produced by Cor Unum