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Project Description


Nomadic Radiator

Kangeri Nomadic Radiator is a mobile radiator designed to warm up space closely surrounding the user. It is a refreshing take on the current energy consumption strategies. Its main body is made of aluminium with a finely crafted top platform in oak wood with an integral handle. The Kangeri Nomadic Radiator furniture can be moved freely through the domestic or office space immediately creating a comfortable zone of warmth. Central heating consumes a lot of energy and often it is not necessary to heat the entire home, but sometimes just a personal space in domestic or office settings. Kangeri Nomadic Radiator addresses this need in an innovative way. It is indeed a new typology of a radiator with sensorial qualities, becoming the user’s companion.

The name ‘Kangeri Nomadic Radiator’ makes a cultural reference to the personal nomadic radiator used for centuries in Northern India where it is called Kanger. A Kanger is a pot filled with hot embers used by Kashmiri people underneath their traditional clothing to keep themselves warm. It is an object with great cultural importance as there is a special relationship between a Kashmiri and the Kanger. It is also considered a work of art. There is a myth that the object Kanger came to Kashmir from Italy. To celebrate this cultural connection we call the nomadic radiator ‘Kangeri’.

Produced by TUBES Radiatori




Formed aluminum
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