Mobile phone / 2003

In 2003, Pakhalé was invited to design a mobile phone by O2, then a subsidiary of British Telecom’s Mobile Division. Pakhalé created the Loop O2 mobile, which with its circular LCD display easily fit into the palm of the hand as a compact personal object. Loop O2 is made of two stainless-steel shells designed for disassembly and for easier materials recycling at the end of the product life cycle. The phone is designed simply for making calls and sending voice messages, with basic features such as an analogue clock and a calendar as homage to Enzo Mari’s Formosa Perpetual Wall Calendar. It has a wedge-like form that provides a comfortable view for the user when the phone is resting on a table-top.

The Loop O2 mobile has a concave back. This creates a space for the on-off button to nestle in and a rim that acts as a base for placing the phone on a flat surface.

The wedge-like form, developed from the configuration of the internal components, provides a comfortable view of the LCD display for the user, showing the time and a Perpetual Wall Calendar. It is a compact 85 × 50 mm phone.