MeWa System

Modular Meeting Waiting System

The primary concept underlying the MeWa System is to create a unique space and therefore atmosphere in a public space, encouraging people to use the space in a socially cohesive manner. The MeWa System provides a safe distance between people during current conditions yet it adheres to its core vision of ‘social cohesion’. ‘MeWa’ is the result of two years of close collaboration between the historic Italian design manufacturing company Vaghi Srl and designer Satyendra Pakhalé.

MeWa – Modular Meeting Waiting System has a generous seat with active ergonomics to create a unique space with a sensorial feel and therefore atmosphere, encouraging the ‘social cohesion’ needed for our hyper-information society. The MeWa System offers the possibility to keep a safe distance between people whenever required yet it adheres to its core vision of ‘social cohesion’.

MeWa System is a comprehensive system with a singular twin-seat, backrest and three tables enabling five distinct configurations, which can be assembled with or without the backrest. These five configurations – stand alone, snake, circular, triangular and daisy – provide freedom to create various settings in public spaces with just one single module. Various dimensions can be assembled in freeform for many different uses, creating of a variety of atmospheres in a wide range of spaces.

The structure of this modular system consists of a single circular tube with a universal joint that allows various configuration possibilities. The MeWa structural system is flexible and can be easily configured, assembled and disassembled. It is designed for easy maintenance and cleaning. MeWa comes with two square, rectangular tables between the modules and one circular side table acting versatile surfaces to accommodate personal items, mobile devices, tablets, laptops, coffee cups, books and luggage. The elegant articulate leg is in pressure cast aluminium. It is available in all the textiles mentioned in the Vaghi chart but we especially recommend the six Steelcut Trio Kvadrat colours. The legs come in four finishes: matt Black, matt White, Bronze and polished Aluminium.

The MeWa System provides safe distance yet it is ‘cohesive’. Pakhalé has created an elegant seating system that is comprehensive whilst having just one singular core element. Its modularity not only enhances its usability but also creates a specific atmosphere. It is suitable for the most diverse public and private settings.

Produced by Vaghi Srl