Non-Electric Kitchen Appliances

In the NEKA®, Satyendra Pakhalé revisits the hand-operated kitchen appliances with refreshing approach. The NEKA® products take best of the past and enhance the ease of use by applying the state-of-the-art technology in manufacturing and material science. The human effort required to use NEKA® objects is significantly less than for traditional hand-operated kitchen appliances. The NEKA® offer a sensorial and efficient way of preparing food, with minimum components that are easy to clean. It addresses the current awareness about healthy living and the environment. It is designed to encourage cooking as social cohesion – as a basic act of living, with an awareness of healthy food preparation and preservation as a family activity that instils an element of self-sufficiency.

Satyndra Pakhalé NEKA® design sketches

Satyendra Pakhalé: “The challenge in this project was not only to innovate the working mechanism of the way the NEKA® objects work – technically as well as poetically but above all how wider masses could accept the slow cooking and doing things manually.  Somewhat ironically now as we go through Covid-19 crisis such ideas are taken more seriously understanding the innate values of aware living.”

Satyendra Pakhalé NEKA® handle and grip study

Satyendra Pakhalé Hand operated Kitchen tools research