Concept Car – 1997

Pangéa is a concept car for environmental research in extreme environment developed with Philips for the French car company Renault.

The Pangéa is designed for use by the scientific community, by small communities development organisations, relief organisations, and other groups which need to undertake survey work or field research. The vehicle would be particularly suited for work in remote or inhospitable areas, or work which requires a high degree of mobility as well as interaction with a base station or other units.

The satellite telecommunications dish is integrated into the exterior of the trailer. It is on a extendable arm which can be used to orient the dish when in use. It may be operated from either inside or outside the vehicle. The passenger’s seat can slide on rails to the rear part of the vehicle, changing from normal position for traveling intro a position for working in the laboratory, The seat can be adjusted in three dimensions, back and forward, up and down, and rotated to allow the user to work either at the multimedia workstation to at the mini-lab. The interior of Pangéa Concept Car was equipped with state of the art navigation system along with advanced remote working facilities.