Totemic multichair

147 x 58 x 196 cm

 Panther– Multi chair …have sit, relax, take a nap and let’s not be too LOGICAL.

Panther is a monumental symbolic multi-chair and chaise, which offers three possibilities:

to relax, to sit & watch nature and to take a nap.

This monumental multi-chair was designed to celebrate the golden jubilee of Moroso, Italy. On the invitation of Patrizia Moroso, Pakhalé created a piece that entices the user to try out various postures – sitting, lounging, reclining – and therefore exudes playfulness. A typological innovation, Panther combines three sitting positions in a single, sinuous form that also evokes a leaping panther. ‘We often neglect the basic necessities of life in the course of a hectic working day,’ explains Pakhalé. ‘Panther is intended to make us aware of our existence and to take time for contemplation and deep breathing.’ The first edition of Panther was made in upholstered textile and the subsequent editions in fiberglass.

Panther edited by ammann//gallery

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