Puzzle Carpet

Modular carpet for playing

Puzzle carpet is a modular carpet made of expanded PU helps children from age 2 to 6 years old to enhance their motor skills as much as it creates a surface for kids to play evoking their fantasy of playing in greenery, sandy sea shore or water hence the pattern of grass, sand and water are digitally printed on the upper side of the puzzle carpet.

“ I was invted by Magis, Italy to contribute a project ‘me too’ collection for children to enhance their motor skills. Puzzle carpet idea was born from my solo-exhibition ‘Design by Heart’ at Gallery Otto, Bologna, Italy. Where I got each floor digitally printed with image of sand, grass and sky to evoke a different feelings in each space of the gallery.” Satyendra Pakhalé

Puzzle carpet furniture, not only helps to improve children’s motor skills but also helps them to tidy up their space after playing, encouraging to assemble and then dis-assemble the puzzle carpet module playfully.

Produced by Magis