Republic of Innovation Amsterdam

Multipurpose Innovation Space

Satyendra Pakhalé has designed and developed an innovative, multifaceted architecture representing start-up culture, embodying circular-innovation-sustainability, the culture of making ‘aware’ living and engaged living that could be developed and built in the Amsterdam metropolitan area. By addressing current and near-future human needs to create ‘Wonderful Urban Condition’ and to enhance the quality of human ‘multifaceted world city Amsterdam’ in a delightful human scale.

The architectural program consists of multipurpose Innovation Space, Culture-of-Creation® spaces, diverse types of apartments, public spaces with main staircase as vertical street, curiosity cafe and restaurant, rooftop with shared gardens and urban farming. Visual pull is an unrevealed unique feature.

RoI – Republic of Innovation is an event space for innovative product presentations from around the world. In Rol, people can have start-up product presentations where they can be part of a global innovation-creation network, collaborate, engage with the smaller, medium, large enterprises as well as initiatives that are focused on genuine creation. Rol supports and promotes such initiatives and builds a reputation around.

In Culture-of-Creation Spaces, start-ups with a passion for innovation can have diversity in the type of activities – cutting edge ventures from new tech to age-old crafts. Various studios, office spaces either connected or integrated will be available for use. Open architecture with inviting spaces that encourage people to walk in on the ramps, vertical-street, and discover around the corner makes people curious to find more and engage with the activities and architecture.

Multi-faceted Domestic spaces represent quality space for various people to energize and spend their free time. On the top floor, there is a public space with gardens. Urban farming designed to facilitate more social activities.

Circular Innovations integral to architectural design. Solar, geothermal, rainwater harvest, wind-related innovations will be promoted and widely used by collaborating with the international design-manufacturing industry.