Steelwave Family

Stainless steel table top objects

Steelwave family of objects has been evolved from the B.M. Objects family of objects designed by Satyendra Pakhalé. With their unique craftsmanship rooted in a specific culture and a way of creating objects led to the iconic Italian dream factory to invite Pakhalé to design a collection of objects and so began a long investigation into numerous typologies in stainless steel for Alessi.

Saturn Fruit Bowl whose rim is inspired by the rings of Saturn creating a wonderfully wobbling effect. The Steelwave Family was developed as an evolution of the early B.M. Objects made using the lost-wax casting process. The family of objects consists of diverse types of table-top objects which vary in size from a large Steelwave Vase to a small Steelwave Tea Strainer and more.

The tea strainer was the first prototype in an additive process. Made in metal electro-deposit technology, the tea strainer, evokes the memory of the B.M. Objects made using the lost-wax casting process.