TBI DO2-3000 Implant System

TBI DO2-3012-3013-3014 – Titanium Body Implant for Distal, Proximal and Periprosthetic Femur

The femur or thigh bone is the single bone in the upper leg and is the largest bone in the human body. It serves as an attachment point for all the muscles that exert their force over the hip and knee joints. The two (left and right) femurs are the strongest bones of the body but elderly people often suffer fractures and need an implant.

The Femur Plates System TBI DO2-3000 has been designed bearing in mind the three dimensional contours of the femur. By studying the articulate geometry of the thigh bone, these implants satisfy all requirements related to functionality as well as perceptual appeal of the implants. The TBI DO2-3012– Distal Femur Plate, TBI DO3-3013– Proximal Femur Plate and TBI DO4-3014– Periprosthetic Femur Plate are part of the Femur Plates System.

The three-dimensional forms of the TBI DO2-3000 System have been designed to fulfill the primary utilitarian needs of the implants. The system was conceived for ease of use by surgeons and more efficient manufacturing.

TBI DO2-3012, TBI DO3-3013 and TBI DO4-3014 are articulately made in Titanium alloy with refined aesthetic quality as if they were internal jewels.