Watch Me X

Concept for health monitoring digital objects / 1995

Health monitoring digital lifestyle objects – Watch Me X has three simple monitoring objects, for pollen count,  air-pollution level and UV radiation check.

‘Vision on the move’ project was to envision future of portable audio business unit. The primary goal was to develop a future vision / Quo Vadis which has focus on portable multimedia, personal/portable security and interactive personal/portable health products. As a part of bigger project  we created several products, services scenarios. One of the ideas was to create a series of wearable products, which will assist us in day to day activities. Watch Me X has three simple monitoring objects, one for pollen count, other for the pollution and the last for UV radiation in the air.

Watch me X are wearable products designed as fashion accessory like a high-tech brooch to be carried on the body while being on move. Projecting the sensor technologies and network architecture possibilities in the near future, Watch Me X project envisioned application of sensor technology, data communication, synchronization and remote data analysis into a digital lifestyle product. This project gave birth to many ideas which became reality today, but they were far ahead of its time in its conception and usability, created in mid 90’s.