20 October 2019 / Dutch Design Week / Kazerne

Book Launch / Satyendra Pakhalé: Culture of Creation

Satyendra Pakhalé and nai010 publishers cordially invite you for the book launch Satyendra Pakhalé: Culture of Creation, the first comprehensive monograph devoted to the work of the internationally renowned designer.

Sunday, 20 October 2019 / 14:30 – 16:30 h

Kazerne / Room M / Paradijslaan 2-8 / Eindhoven Dutch Design Week 2019

30 September – 6 October 2019 / PAD London Art + Design /

Kubu / B.M. Horse Stool design Satyendra Pakhale

ammann//gallery presents design artworks Kubu and  B.M. Horse Stool design Satyendra Pakhale at PADLondon Art + Design

30 September – 06 October 2019

/ ammann // gallery / booth B 28 / Berkeley Square W1 / London

Design Talks / Design Miami/Basel / ‘Bauhaus via Ulm to IDC School of Design / Remapping the Bauhaus100 years later

Satyendra Pakhalé during Design Talks at Design Miami/Basel on the topic ‘Bauhaus via Ulm to IDC School of Design / Remapping the Bauhaus100 years later’ with Deyan Sudjic, Director Design Museum London, Mateo Kries, Director Vitra Design Museum and
Paul Hughes, Director of Paul Hughes Fine Arts.

Key note / MEET THE FUTURE OF MATERIALS! / MaterialDistrict

Satyendra Pakhale is invited to give a key note at

MEET THE FUTURE OF MATERIALS! as part of MaterialDistrict,

world’s leading platform in the field of innovative materials.

The event will take place on Tuesday 12 March 2019, from 10:30 – 18:30 h at Rotterdam, Ahoy / NL/ Hall 1

STUDIOMAGAZINE / Argentina / Satyendra Pakhalé Cover feature No.21 / February 2019

Cover feature this No.21 February 2019 STUDIOMAGAZINE news Argentina

SatyendraPakhale ‘multifaceted award winning designer’ with addOnRadiator, FishChairBlackSwanBMHiStool, BMHorse and Kubu

Kayo Extensible Table Permanent Collection 2018 / Salone Satellite 20th anniversary

“I am delighted that the SaloneSatellite Permanent Collection has found its home here at the Legno Arredo Training Centre, in a space dedicated to students and burgeoning talents, and open to anyone wanting to visit. The objects on exhibit may be sources of inspiration and learning, precisely because of having been designed by other young people who made them fuelled by their passion, enthusiasm and desire to win,”
said Marva Griffin, Founder and Curator of SaloneSatellite.

8-12 November 2018 The Salon Art + Design New York

ammann gallery presents B.M. Horse sculpural chair and B.M. Kanheri 3rd Generation B.M. Vases design Satyendra Pakhale at The Salon Art + Design – New York 8 – 12 November 2018 / ammann // gallery / booth A 8 / New York / ammann // gallery

1-7 October 2018 PAD London Art + Design

ammann gallery presents New 3rd Generation B.M. Khaneri and B.M. Karad Vases design Satyendra Pakhale at PAD – London Art + Design 1 – 7 October 2018 / ammann // gallery / booth B 26 / London
ammann // gallery tel +49 221 932 88 03 / us mobil+1 646 5934 270 exhibition open by appointment only office hours mo – fri, 9 am – 6 pm

New 3rd Generation of B.M. Vases / Design Miami/Basel / CH / 12-17 June 2018 /

ammann // gallery / booth G15

The ammann // gallery presents for the first time at this year’s edition of Design Miami/Basel the new 3rd generation collection of B.M. Vases design Satyendra Pakhalé. After the designer’s first exploration of the bell metal lost wax casting process in 1998 and the succeeding series of big sculptural pieces like B.M. Horse and B.M. Horse Tables, the new collection consisting of first four vases debuts as a result of Satyendra Pakhalé’s ongoing experimentation in creating objects of sensorial quality. The new B.M. Vases collection shown together with the B.M. Horse reflects the ongoing journey of creating poetic analogies that suggest something rather than representing anything.

ammann//gallery / booth G15 / Design Miami/Basel / Basel / CH / 12 – 17 June 2018