DMT PY 2031 System

Modular Dental Tech – Dental Instruments

The DMT PY 2031 System is a Modular Dental Tech – a tool consisting of a set of Dental Mirrors, Periodonatal Probes and Dental Explorers.

Dental instruments are currently made with a thinner solid metal profile with knurling on the surface for gripping. This does not provide the best ergonomics and it is difficult to ensure hygiene on the knurled surface.

Pakhalé created these unique Dental Modular Instruments with an innovative triangular cross-section grip which facilitates use. The generously formed tools have improved ergonomics. The modular stems of the instruments have an optimal length-weight ratio for efficient use, thanks to their hollow core produced with astate-of-the-art manufacturing process.

Thanks to its ingenious synthesis of ergonomic form, manufacturability and modularity the DMT PY 2031 System allows the creation of a range of tools using one single basic modular part. By doing so, the traditional knurled surface is eliminated and the resulting tools are extremely hygienic and easy to maintain. An innovative joint has been developed to assemble the modular parts during the manufacturing process.

These uniquely sculpted forms of the DMT PY 2031 System are designed to fulfill the primary utilitarian needs of the dentist and the patient.