gabrielle ammann // gallery presents Roll Carbon Ceramic Chair by Satyendra Pakhalé.

The provocative Roll Carbon Ceramic Chair will be presented at Design Miami / Basel / 17 – 22 June 2014 / Booth G41 / Basel / Switzerland

Its provocation lies in the fact that we often think we know materials such as ceramics and take them for granted. On the other hand, a material such as carbon fibre is often perceived as high-tech. Though it has some fantastic properties, its production is very labour-intensive.

Satyendra Pakhalé never sees materials or technologies as high- or low-tech. The choice of material and technology have to be appropriate for the given context. Ongoing debates about high-tech or low-tech do not lead to any meaningful conclusion so, as a provocation, he created a unique piece called Roll Carbon Ceramic Chair by seamlessly combining two unexpected materials: the so-called high-tech material ‘carbon fibre’ on the so-called low-tech material ‘ceramic’.