Future of Design

Event by Amati & Associates

Marco Bevolo and Filiberto Amati chat with Satyendra Pakhalé, Principal Designer, Design Director and Founder Satyendra Pakhalé Associates, author of “Culture of Creation”

Multifaceted designer Satyendra Pakhalé talks about ‘Future of Design and recently published monograph ‘Satyendra Pakhalé Culture of Creation’. It is the outcome of three years’ labour of love, with contributions from a number of prominent design thinkers who delve deeply into Pakhalé’s oeuvre, covering a wide range of topics, such as the culture of making, social modernity, social cohesion, poetic analogy, perception and atmosphere, in which his thinking and design practice are rooted. During this event the Marco Bevolo, PhD and Filiberto Amati will have a dialogue with Satyendra Pakhalé’s life and work and will try to find out how this book came about.