Can an object still be innovative 10 years after it was designed? The answer is yes. add-On recently celebrated its 10th birthday and it still demonstrates its cutting-edge concept in the same way it did when it was first launched: the radiator can stand as an architectural feature on its own, offering designers unprecedented styling and functional solutions.

The radiator designed for Tubes by Satyendra Pakhalé is based on a module measuring 12×24 cm which you can match freely, customising the shape of the radiator to suit specific styling desires and design requirements: add-On can adorn a wall, either fully or partially, or replace part of it in the original in-wall version. The radiator thus becomes a decorative and architectural feature of primary importance.

The value of add-On has been rewarded repeatedly over the years. It has received the Red Dot Design Award 2008 and is part of the permanent collection at the Pompidou Centre in Paris. More recently, as part of the International Art Exhibition at the Venice Biennale which just ended, add-On was selected for the show entitled “Guardando Avanti. L’evoluzione dell’arte del fare» (Looking Forwards. The evolution of the art of savoir-faire).

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