ammann // gallery presents “Colours”, a group show featuring artworks that transcend time and geographies. Historical and contemporary pieces that highlight the perception and individual use of colour of the artists. Exhibition view with “Poltrona di Proust”, “Mosaic Table”, “Astri” carpet and “Gallinella” (Spiritelli Collection) by Alessandro Mendini, paintings by Alessandro Guerriero from 1991, “Flower Offering Chair” by Satyendra Pakhalé and “Genesis” ceramic wall sculptures by Abel Zavala “Colours” will run until July 18th.

“Colour is a metaphor and means many things to me. Colour has a story and a meaning. Colour channels our perception and evokes our sensorial nature. It relates to the body in a deep existential manner; hence it has a profound impact on all sentient beings. I am interested in the ‘Culture of Colour.’ ” Satyendra Pakhalé.

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©️Alessandro Mendini, Alessandro Guerriero, Satyendra Pakhalé and Abel Zavala. Courtesy of ammann//gallery