LAGORI – POST COMPUTER GAME design Satyendra Pakhale at the exhibition ‘From Thonet to Dutch design. 125 years of living at the Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam

#LAGORI – the post-computer game is simple, an age-old outdoor game for children played in India and now available for all children from all over the world. It is played in two teams, with a small element of competition which never hurts. One team will knock down the stacks of blocks and will try to restore the pile of blocks while the other team will try to throw the ball at the opposing team.

The number of participants depends on how many children are there to play, more children means more fun!

Starting this summer, the Stedelijk presents an extensive selection of design from its world-class collection. The show features over 300 objects created over the past 125 years — all landmarks of design innovation and excellence. Visitors are invited to explore design history.


The Stedelijk staged its first exhibition devoted to the design of children’s toys and furniture in 1965, in the exhibition Kinderspel (Child’s Play). Since then, children’s design has been a key part of the design collection. The exhibit includes a large gallery dedicated to design for children, with work by #CharlesandRayEames, #VictorVasarely, #EnzoMari and Satyendra Pakhalé.

Many designers also designed objects and furniture for children. #GerritRietveld designed a wheelbarrow in his characteristic primary colors, #MichaelThonet did a baby version of his famous ‘Thonet chair Nr. 14 (now 214)’ in 1862, and #RichardHutten thought of the ‘Low Res Elephant’ (2006) stool that also shines a light at night. Even better: designers also came up with several games. The wooden puzzle ’16 Animali’ (1957) by Enzo Mari’ for example. The ‘Lagori Post-Computer Game’ (2002) by Satyendra Pakhalé, is a contemporary version of an age-old game ‘Lagori’, popular in India, originally played by targeting a pile of seven stones. The innovative handle not only assists children to carry it to the playground with ease but it also acts as a stump post to help play the game.



Exhibition — 25 July 2020 until 21 March 2021

Image: Ineke Hans Office Chair and Office Desk 2000-2001, Satyendra Pakhalé Lagori – Magis Post-Computer Game (prototype) 2002, Michael Thonet [children’s chairl] 1862, Gerrit Rietveld Industrial Design: Toys 1923, Richard Hutten Elephant 2006, Enzo Mari 16 animali 1957. Collection Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam / Photo: Peggy Janssen. Styling: Heidi Willems – PURE styling.