Design Fusion is an opportunity to offer an inspiring program and a privileged framework for exchanges to a variety of players: VSEs / SMEs, designers, the press and communities in Hauts-de-France, Wallonia, Flanders and beyond.

In his keynote Pakhalé highlights the role of design – which is to nourish the common good globally, crucial for wider reach.

He states, “Any idea, thought, action leading to design can have positive societal impact, or potential global impact only if it is a potent idea that is relevant for all beings. Often such relevant ideas can’t be created unless one goes back to basics and dares to ask primary questions. With such defiant mindset one tries to seek possible direction to create, to build, to make, to design.”

For Pakhalé, practicing design is a true expression of optimism. A sine qua non condition for being able to create. The culture of creation, precisely. Every creative process presents its own adversities and challenges that are hard to overcome without adopting this approach.

In his keynote Pakhalé evokes the audience with the ever-meaningful question ‘Can Design Create a Global Impact?’