Culture of Creation, The atmosphere of objects. An insight into atmospheres. The totemic presence of an object.

Alloaesthesia: Senses, Inventions, Worlds, 4thInternational Congress on Ambiances, University of California, Santa Barbara, USA

As human beings we are constantly immersed in different atmospheres and spontaneously associate them with space. We propose here to focus on atmospheres of objects. In over more than two decades of experience with Satyendra Pakhalé Associates, we have developed a research program complementary to studio practice. While designing objects we investigate their related atmospheres and cultivate a deep understanding of human perception and sensoriality referring to multiple sources. With the intention to empower the ability of objects to contribute to the broadest necessities of human – social and sensorial – being, here we focus attention on the invisible aura that surrounds objects and evokes specific feelings. We call this holistic practice as ‘Culture of Creation’.

Satyendra Pakhalé , Principal, Satyendra Pakhalé Associates, Amsterdam, NL and Tiziana Proietti, PhD, Professor, University of Oklahoma, Norman, USA presents ‘Culture of Creation’, The atmosphere of objects at the 4th International Congress on Ambiances, University of California, Santa Barbara, USA (UCSB)-2020/2021