On the occasion of the Golden Jubilee celebration of IDC School of Design, IIT – Indian Institute of Technology Bombay, Satyendra Pakhalé gave a talk at the event IDC Alumni Awards Talks on 23 January 2021. Speaking about the ‘Continuity of Creation’ in his design practice, engaging diverse projects from healthcare to mobility, he gave his perspective on the need to ask primary questions. Pakhalé gave insights into design as an introspective yet collaborative practice. Further elaborating on the importance of authorship as a responsibility and a means to contribute to a given project in an idiosyncratic manner, this illustrated through case study projects from his global design practice.

On the occasion of the 50th Anniversary of Industrial Design Centre on 8 January 2020 Satyendra Pakhalé was awarded the ‘Distinguished Alumnus Award’. The award is given to IDCian who has created design awareness, mentored and stood his own ground ‘for a considerable amount of time’.