Amsterdam-based multifaceted designer Satyendra Pakhalé presents MVC, a modular vaccines container that aims to address the challenges of transporting vaccines to remote locations around the world. Knowing that the cold chain is the only safe way to transport vaccines, Pakhalé has revisited his cold chain project initiated in 2006 which looked into effective and efficient vaccines supply chains and has brought it to our current conditions which desperately need it.

A technological miracle, vaccines have saved millions of lives over the last decades and prevented countless disabilities. By researching all stages of the cold chain, Satyendra Pakhalé created the MVC (modular vaccines container) addressing the requirements of each stage of the cold chain. Its design is stackable so that they can be transported easily in bulk or alone. The outside shell has been created for rough handling with a unique profile that can carry an optimal number of vaccines. The raised edges on the lower and upper side make it easy to stack it in all directions. Prominent grips and slots for straps allow for ease of use and handling, gripping and carrying during storage, shipping and transportation in bulks and batches. 

In remote places, the last leg of the cold chain usually sees the vaccine container sometimes carried on a bicycle, on the back of a camel, and many times even by a person on their shoulder or their head. That’s why the bottom of the container has a concave form. overall, Satyendra Pakhalé focused on what he calls a ‘secular-humanistic and culturally engaging design approach’ to develop the vaccines containers. Evidently, each MVC is equipped with current cooling technologies that are accessible and feasible for mass production worldwide.

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