Satyendra Pakhalé Studio / We are glad to inform you that we have relocated to new STUDIO 175  loods6 , KNSM-LAAN 175, 1019 LC Amsterdam, the Netherlands

There is a lot of art, design and architecture to see and experience at Loods 6. But there is also much to share about the illustrious past, 100 years of Loods 6.

Loods 6 was built in 1921 by order of the Royal Netherlands Steamship Company
as a freight terminal and later adapted into a passenger terminal. In 1979, the 24,000m2 building was sold to the municipality, which leased it to artists. United in an artists’ foundation they obtained a long-term lease and Loods 6 became a collective building of studios, stores and creative entrepreneurs.

Monument Loods 6 has been functioning for about 40 years as a successful and independent bastion within the cultural backbone of Amsterdam.