Sue Youn: Tell me five words to describe yourself ?

SP: I am curious being / sensorial being / ludic being / intense being / dreamer

Sue Youn: Where do you get inspiration from ?

SP: In my curiosities about life and the world we inhabit. Curiosity and deep desire to create work that is truly human is the intrinsic motivation and inspiration. Having said that each project leading to the next is a sort of inspiration as it is a continuity of thoughts constantly growing.

I am deeply fascinated by bodies of work which are in very many fields of expertise and carried out with utmost care and consideration.

Sue Youn: Do you discuss your work with other designers? If so, who is he/she and what kind of things do you discuss with them?

SP: I hardly discuss work outside studio, however I do have conversations with other designers and they tend to be more about the life in general rather than specific project.

Sue Youn: Is there any designer and/or artist from the past, you appreciate a lot? If so, what influence does he/she gave you?


– Ettore Sottsass Jr. for the plurality and his creations from clay to computers and beyond.

– Tapio Wirkkala for articulate craftmanship, refinement and the nordic but universal touch

– Luis Barragán for creating deeply rooted quiet revolution

Sue Youn: Do you know about Korean market/artist/designer? If so what’s your opinion about them. And, do you plan to visit Korea?

SP: Korea is one of my favourite countries. I have been to Seoul first time more than 20 years ago and the last time was one year ago when I was invited at KAIST to give a lecture. I love Korea for the craftsmanship to technological culture.

Sue Youn: What’s next for you? What kind of project are you planning these days?

SP: There are several projects, besides the industrial design projects with high-end design manufacturing companies, we are initiating new ventures, collaborations with technological startups etc..

At a given time we are working on ten to twelve projects. The current projects are in the field of industrial design, exhibition design and architecture design. Besides we are launching a new project at the biannual office furniture fair Orgatec in Cologne, Germany.