Our mother ship Earth seems to have rejuvenated in just the last few weeks. Skies are clearer, air is fresher, water is cleaner, and pollution is noticeably lower. This is with just a partial or full lock-down of last weeks’ human activities on our lovely planet Earth.

It took the Covid-19 crisis, with the loss of many human lives that sadly still continues, to compel all humans on the planet to stay put. Paradoxically, seen from our eco-system perspective, one wonders – is it yet another warning or even a very small gift to our mother Earth?

The ancient wisdom says, ‘The welfare of all is the happiness of everyone.’

Everyone meaning really the entire eco-system. This is not some sort of romantic idea, but a very pragmatic condition we ought to create for our own safety. This is one of those rare opportunities in the history of humanity for creating a ‘movement of a real transformation of society’.

Stay tuned for design works that are relevant for these challenging times. Wish you all a Happy and thought-provoking 50th EarthDay2020



Image: SPAquarelle Satyendra Pakhalé for Jonas’ Julekort exhibition at Mændendes Hjem, Copenhagen an institution that takes care of the homeless and the marginalized people.