Light and Shadow weaves perception

Objects do not have awareness – but, they have innate power to evoke awareness within us. Each object we surround ourselves with, represents our aspirations, hopes, and desires. Above all, objects evoke sensorial response. For me, objects are like companions, symbols that enhance our human- made world. Objects and their environments we create can provide us with much more than their mundane utility. I am fascinated by how objects and their environments have the potential to recharge our life settings with meanings and sensorial qualities. In a sense, objects enhance our embodied relation with the world. Fundamentally, objects support and celebrate our day-to-day lives and give us a sense of dignity. For me, a holistically designed object ought to take all human needs into consideration; encompassing the whole body, intellect and all bodily senses including the ‘sense of thought’.

In our image driven world – the image of an object is what primarily communicates to the rest of the world. So the person who captures and creates that image of objects plays a crucial role in evoking that ‘sense of thought’ as we perceive the man made world. I have observed Tom Vack working diligently through the day with rigor and deep concern capturing that poetic sensorial quality while shooting the ‘add-On radiator’. When I arrived at the set in Veneto, he courteously mentioned to me, “I am sure you have seen this thousands of times while growing up in India” – as he beautifully created that early spring morning sunlight entering a space that evokes memory and human warmth.

Satyendra Pakhalé